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Tadasana Mountain Yoga

Uniting Mind, Body, and Soul in the heart of the Rocky Mountains

Our Studio

Tadasana Mountain Yoga opened in the Spring of 2011.  We are committed to offering a variety of styles and approaches to the practice of yoga.  We believe that yoga is fun, deeply rewarding and personal and unique to each person.  We respect each student on their own individual path and discovery of the practice of yoga.  Our teachers provide the guidance and encouragement but we hold that a yoga practice is a journey in self discovery.

We have plenty of props to support you in your practice and you are always welcome to borrow one of our mats. Our front lobby offers cubbies for your belongings and a small yoga boutique store.  We sell yoga clothes, books on yoga and wellness and yoga props. We are a low impact studio; reducing waste by minimizing paper use, discouraging use of one-time plastic water bottles and recycling and/or composting all that we can. We look forward to your visit to our studio and please don’t hesitate to contact us before hand with any questions or concerns.

Our teachers

The instructors at Tadasana Mountain Yoga are all trained and certified yoga teachers dedicated to helping students discover and explore yoga. Our teachers are skilled at teaching to students of all levels and abilities. 



Amber began her yoga study in 2006, after stumbling into a class at the local gym. She practiced inconsistently for years, never really finding the style that resonated with her. In 2011, after a life-changing trip to India and leaving the corporate world behind, Amber found her yoga home at Spirit of the Lake Yoga in Excelsior, MN. She completed their 200-hour Living Yoga Immersion Teacher Training in May 2012 and Yin Yoga Level 1 training in November 2012. Amber also holds an M.A. in Holistic Health Studies and believes her purpose in this life is to share information to help people live their best possible lives. Amber moved to Nederland in 2012 and currently teaches Yin at her new home studio, Tadasana. 

Amy B



Born in the Rocky Mountains, Amy has been teaching dance and practicing yoga in Colorado for 15 plus years. She has a long-time curiosity about the human body and how it traverses the geography on which it resides.

Amy started teaching dance at 14 with Turning the Wheel, a Boulder based, non-profit dance theater company. With that company she taught in several cities across the US working with inner-city populations, retirement homes, prisons, halfway houses, and many youth programs. In her 10 years with the company, Amy learned the importance of movement for EVERY single body and that every body has wisdom to share.

Amy has a Dance Certificate from Laban Conservatoire in Greenwich, England and a BFA in Dance from The University of Colorado. Amy received her 200 hour Teaching Certificate as well as an Extensions Certificate through Core Power Yoga. Amy has also had training in Pilates, Alexander Technique, Middle Easter Dance, West African, Modern, Ballroom, as well as other forms of dance . Most recently she taught yoga at Willow Farm Contemplative Center in Longmont.

Through the body is how Amy believes we connect to our highest, best selves. She believes through movement, breath, and sound there are infinite ways to yolk mind, body, and universe. Yoga is one of her favorites.

Amy R



Amy first discovered the life transforming power of yoga as a dancer in 1997. Since then she has traveled, lived, studied, and taught yoga internationally. Over the years she has practiced Kundalini, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, Yin, and Restorative styles of yoga with unwavering devotion. In 2009, she received her first 200 hr Vinyasa Flow training in Bali. She has continued her trainings and knowledge with Anusara immersions, Prenatal, Restorative, Silver Aged Seniors Yoga, and Kids Yoga certifications.

As an elementary Motessori educator and a mother of two young children, Amy embraces yoga as a way to cultivate stamina, patience, and a mindful presence in every asana practice as well as interaction off the mat. Through a creative Vinyasa flow with a strong emphasis on breath work and alignment, her classes encourage a playful and challenging discovery of the physical self as a gateway to the deeper mind and spirit.



Angie revels in the interplay between spirit and form and considers the ebbs and flows of life as one giant opportunity for “Life Yoga”. As a youngster, she practiced years of gymnastics, dance, equestrian sports, and endurance sports ranging from running and triathlons to rugby. After the bumps and bruises accumulated, her interest in the body as a work of conscious living art led her to the practice of yoga. Her passion for an embodied spiritual practice manifested into a lifestyle of Kaizen, Japanese for “continuous improvement”.

Over the last decade, Angie has explored, practiced and taught a multitude of yoga systems and their American adaptations, as well as indigenous shamanic practices of the west. She has taught classes and workshops in Boston, New York City, Vancouver Island, Northern California, New Mexico and Boulder. Through her curiosity for life, Angie quickly discovered that there was more than one way to climb a mountain and swim across the sea of spirituality. Her tantalizing teaching style converges at the crux of tantra, shamanism, integral and divine bliss. Her methods are a unique prescription for exploring the unseen within the parallel and obvious, and developing abiding love for the now. Angie addresses not only the micro-chronic patterns that play out through the body and the mind, but also the macro-relationship between self and other, earth and universe.

Angie’s linear studies have earned her a BS in International Affairs from Suffolk University, as well as a 500-hour Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy certification. Other certificates and education she has received include studies in a variety of meditation styles, Pilates, Personal Training, Integrative Health, Shamanism, Reiki and Medical Intuition.



April has been a student of Anusara Yoga since July 2005. She has been teaching yoga since 2009. She completed her 200 hour yoga Teacher Training with Jeanie Manchester in 2013 and her 500 hour YTT in 2016. April is a lifelong student of the mystery teachings and alternative healing. She is a Reiki master and sound healer and enjoys incorporating these teachings into her yoga classes. Astanga Yoga is a special interest of April’s don't be surprised to find some Astanga in her classes! 



 Carly is infinitely grateful for her yoga practice and teaching, and is intent on continuing this path for at least this lifetime. Her journey began in a yoga class with her lacrosse team in college, where amidst the giggles and inflexibility, she was drawn to the healing nature of yoga. She practiced at Boulder’s Bikram College of India for years before she discovered power yoga and became a certified instructor in 2007. She has trained at CorePower Yoga in Boulder, Colorado, Svasta Yoga in Chennai, India, and under Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Research Institute in Mysore, India. Carly primarily instructs Vinyasa Yoga, yet combines her teachings and education from all experiences. Keeping every class relaxed and inspiring, Carly offers a great physical workout to fresh music, while calming the senses and attuning with the breath. A microbiologist by trade, Carly is inspired by the microcosm as a reflection of the macrocosm. “To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” ~William Blake 



 Diana's introduction to yoga was through Raquel Welch videos that she would do with her mom. She took her first yoga class on the beaches of Thailand in 2002 and feel in love with the union of body, mind and spirit that is at the heart of yoga. In 2010, she completed the 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga and opened Tadasana Mountain Yoga in her home town in March of 2011. She remains committed to expanding her yoga knowledge and education. Diana’s classes are thoughtful and fun, allowing students to explore and deepen their practice in a safe and supported environment. 



 Erin Lester is a mother of two, a DONA International Birth Doula, and holds yoga teaching certifications in both the Pralaya Yoga and Yoga Better yoga styles. Her focus is on holding space, meeting her students where they are and helping them to grow strong and more calm, ready to face whatever life brings to them.



 I have always loved to dance! I studied classical ballet from first grade through college. In 2001, my mom introduced me to Nia and I was hooked. Nia taught me to move organically and has enlightened me to a freedom of body, mind and spirit. I love sharing that with others and watching them leave class with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. 




Justine Sanchez has been a practicing yogini for the past 13 years. After the birth of her son, Justine suffered a sciatic injury that brought her to her knees and to yoga. She found her teacher, Sofia Diaz, in 2002. Ever since, Sofia has continued to bring Justine to her knees in the consistent bow that IS Hatha yoga. It is with much gratitude to her teacher that Justine offers her practice as a teacher in and around the Boulder area.

Justine, her husband, and son live at 9,260 ft in a straw bale home they built together in Ward, CO. Living in close proximity to the elements, as well as the “chop wood/carry water” lifestyle, informs her practice and her offerings.

Teaching and living in the Nederland area for over a decade, Justine’s practice is honed towards strengthening and maintaining healthy bodies as mountain dwellers. As well, her class offers an opportunity to contemplate how a bodily practice can inform our moods, inspirations, and life challenges.



 Kim Rand lives the epitome of a Rocky Mountain lifestyle, calling Colorado her home since 1990. As a Boston native with a love for the outdoors, Kim Rand answered the call of the west, trusting and seeking solace in the freedom of wide open spaces. Today she walks the walk maintaining an active lifestyle hiking with friends, river running, fly fishing and enjoying Bluegrass festivals. Despite this active lifestyle, like so many of us, everyday stresses and physical pains began to emerge in her lower back. In response, Kim pursued a personal yoga practice and witnessed a welcome transformation in body strength and alignment. More importantly, Kim discovered an unexpected quieting of the mind and a strong desire to teach.

In 2009, Kim’s passion brought her to Maui to study “Maya Yoga”, a fusion of Ashtanga & Iyengar, with inspirational teachers Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini. She completed a yearlong study with RR Shakti, founder of “Inner Power Yoga”, in 2013. Her emphasis is on awareness, breath, alignment and the integrity of the asana allowing the space needed to move energy and create positive change in the body and mind. She feels that the foundation of the pose is essential to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice and it’s through a safe and mindful practice that a student is able to heal their body and quiet their mind. Kim brings the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy into the classroom cultivating ones connection to self and the wisdom within. She believes that the practice of yoga cultivates the awareness within to find and explore the connection between body and mind giving everyone the ability to heal oneself physically, mentally and emotionally. She encourages her students to take yoga off the matt and into their daily lives promoting healthy relationships in every aspect of life.

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life” B.K.S. Iyengar




For most of her life Leda has practiced yoga in one form or another. As a child, she attended kids’ yoga classes and practiced with her mother. As a competitive runner she relied on yoga to keep herself free from injury. About five years ago, she fell in love with yoga more deeply than ever. Since then she has been attending classes and workshops in Vinyassa Flow Yoga and Forrest Yoga. She completed a 200-hour Teacher Training in Vinyassa Flow Yoga in April of 2010 and is continuing her training. She feels that the meditative practice of yoga brings miraculous benefits to the mind and body and can improve one’s overall sense of well-being in the world.

Leda Swann moved to Boulder in 1989. In 1999 she moved to Nederland with her husband and their first child who was a year old at the time. Leda fell in love with living in the mountains and with living in the Nederland community. When she isn’t practicing yoga, she enjoys being outside with her husband, her three children, and her dog. She loves to hike, bike, and ski.



Lester began his spiritual journey in the mid-70’s adopting a regular meditation practice. Desiring to balance with the physical and work through some back problems, he added a yoga practice in the early 2000’s. Wanting to deepen the practice more, Lester completed the Yoga World Reach 200 hour certificate in 2013. Along with studying many aspects of Yoga, he has also been certified to teach Principle Based Partner Yoga along with certification for teaching Yoga to Youth at Risk.

A resident of Ned area since 2008, Lester has lived in the Boulder area since 1984.

Lester’s training in western philosophy and psychology combined with zen meditation and traditional schools of yoga brings an interesting mix to his teaching style. His desire is to bring traditional values and benefits of yoga to each practice combining asana, pranayama and meditation geared to the needs of each student.



 Marni Siegal has been practicing yoga over 25 years. She first came to the practice as a college student and was astounded when one of her instructors reached out and grabbed her own toe. Before long, Marni noticed herself integrating stretching into her daily activities and found that she could breathe deeper and stay calmer for it. She attended a variety of yoga classes, but found her yoga home in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. In 2004, Marni completed her Teacher Training at Richard Freeman’s The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO. She primarily practices and teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga but also deeply enjoys sharing what she has learned about Restorative Yoga as well as Parent-Tot Yoga. In her classes, Marni offers precise instruction and gentle assists to create a comfortable and fun yet challenging environment. 




Masha was born in Ryazan, Russia and practiced Kundalini yoga with her mother starting at the age of 12. At the opportunity to move to America, she started a new life in Colorado in 1998.

In 2000, yoga’s invisible strings pulled her in again as she took her first yoga class with Sarah Hurley and after this, inevitably began to follow a spiritual path. She began teaching classes in 2007 after graduating from Denver Core Power Yoga Training and continued to further her education at Boulder Core Power Yoga Studio as well. Then in 2011 she moved to Lake Tahoe, California and taught Vinyasa, Restorative, Bhakti classes and led Yoga Dance Workshops.

The teaching styles she emulates and has found inspiration from are that of Shiva Rea, Jason Bowman and Shelah Morris. In her classes she strives to create a psychological break from the everyday worries for her students. She also uses a Tibetan Singing Bowl to enhance and support the sine waves effect on specifically the heart and the crown chakras. She leads her practice in a way that challenges and re-balances her students’ body and mind.

“There is more to each of us than the human eye can see”