Yoga 101

A special 4 week Introduction to Yoga for new students or any student looking to return to a yoga practice.

Students will learn basic poses and receive guidance on proper alignment and breathing techniques. The series is designed to leave students feeling confident to attend our regularly scheduled classes and experience the joy of yoga. This workshop is also ideal for those who haven’t been active in a while, are recovering from injury, or want to learn more about the foundations of the practice of yoga. Our next Intro to Yoga workshop is scheduled for November 2015. Please visit our events page to sign up.

Ready to start a practice before our next Intro to Yoga Series?

Each week we offer several classes that are perfect for those new to yoga. Our teachers are very skilled at teaching to different levels and offering modifications to all postures.  Our Yin and Candlelight Restorative Yoga classes are good for everyone starting a yoga practice. If you are looking for deep stretching at a slower pace, we recommend Slow Yoga or Restorative Flow. For those with some yoga experience or those who are more active our Vinyasa and Flow classes are quicker paced and taught to all levels. Check our online schedule and read the class descriptions to see what sounds like a good fit.

Still not sure where to begin?

Give us a call! We are available to answer any questions, so please contact us.

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