Yoga Privates

Private yoga sessions offer the opportunity for you to work one on one with one of our skilled teachers. Whether you are new to the practice of yoga, coming back from an injury or looking to master a specific pose, a private yoga session can be a great way to advance your practice. Each session is 60 minutes and may be scheduled with any of our teachers. In addition to general one-on-one private sessions, we offer several specialized private sessions. Please call the studio directly to schedule private sessions.

Unless otherwise specified our price for yoga private sessions are

  • 1 session: $65
  • 3 sessions: $180 (must be purchased as a package)
  • 5 sessions: $275 (must be purchased as a package)

Intro to Yoga Consultation (in person or over the phone) FREE
Are you interested in starting a yoga practice but not sure where to begin? Just give us a call and we can talk about your goals for a regular yoga practice and help you determine which classes on our schedule are best for you.
Intro to Yoga Private:
If you are ready to start a yoga practice and know that you would benefit more from private sessions than group classes, we can tailor an introduction to yoga just for you.
Pre-Natal Private:
We will focus on gentle asanas that you can practice throughout the different trimesters of pregnancy.  If you already have a yoga practice, we will talk about safe modifications so that you can continue to practice with confidence.  Additionally we explore with you relaxation and breath techniques to carry you through labor and delivery.
Post-Natal Private:
Postnatal Yoga is a great way to support the body’s recovery after childbirth.  We will work together on postures, breathing techniques and meditation that supports healing, relaxation and toning of muscles.  Postnatal yoga helps to rebuild strength in the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as well as release tension in the shoulders and neck muscles.  Additionally, yoga helps to decrease stress and increase the bond with your newest addition.  Postnatal privates are appropriate for woman from about 4-6 weeks postpartum.  You are welcome to bring your baby if you chose.

Injury Recovery//Therapeutic Private:
Yoga can be an excellent tool in recovery from an injury or surgery.  We have worked with students post knee, back and shoulder surgery.  Please contact us and we can discuss whether this would be a good option to aid you in your recovery. $75 for 60 minutes.

Developing a Home Practice:
Are you looking to add a home practice but not sure where to begin? We will meet with you over the course of 3 sessions and work together to develop several sequences that you can practice at home. Our first session will be a 30 minute discussion to design and tailor a home practice specific to your goals. The second session will be 75 minutes where we will work one-on-one and go through several different sequences. We will provide you with a print out of each sequence. The last session, scheduled 2-3 weeks out will be a 45 minute practice for you to ask questions and receive adjustments and modifications for different postures in your sequences.

  • 3 sessions: $175

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