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Stephanie Holman:

Stephanie Holman

Steph received her massage certification from Madison College in WI. After teaching and working within the massage program for a couple of years she traveled on to pursue an education in Shamanic studies in Peru. Through this period is when her healing practice really took form, first experiencing a sense of surrendering then reawakening within her own body and spirit. This shift carried through in her approach to understanding holding patterns throughout the body and how to tap in and assist a release. Steph specializes in deep tissue therapy, but applies these techniques with a gentle, fluid and conscious touch. She believes that our bodies already know how to heal themselves, so her job is to hold space, listen and facilitate the process your individual self needs for that session.

Ashley Hixon:

Ashley began studying bodywork at Earthwalk School of Energy in Bellvue, WA in 2007. She
completed their 560 hour Advanced Vibrational Medicine program in June 2009. This course of
study explored the body’s subtle energy system and various healing modalities including
Acutonics tuning forks, aromatherapy, color therapy, various hands on techniques similar to
Reiki, and more. In 2012 she graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School with a 600 hour training in Thai and Western massage modalities. The integration of her prior interests and trainings compliment her massage application and inform her approach.
Ashley currently lives in Nederland and is a lover of plants, her telemark skis, yoga, travel, and
backcountry adventure.

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