Wellness Program

Tadasana Mountain Yoga Wellness Rituals are steeped in deep healing, focusing on key, cutting edge ingredients addressing stress reduction and healing the skin with hydration and anti-aging products. Integrative treatments such as Reiki and Massage can help maximize the benefits of your yoga practice. We exclusively use ZENTS spa products in our treatment room. ZENTS oils and lotions are deeply hydrating and enriched with organic shea butter. We offer both UnZented treatments as well as Biodynamic Flower Essence Armotherapy in signature ZENTS scents.

To book a wellness treatments please contact the studio at 303.258.9642.

Our Wellness Rituals

Therupeutic Massage
A deep tissue massage is an opportunity to experience both a sense of surrendering and reawakening within both body and spirit. This approach uses slow deep pressure to release chronic muscle tension.
60 minutes $65//Monthly contract $55

Swedish Massage
Deeply relaxing, this treatment focuses on calming the mind and nervous system, detoxing the body and bringing deep wellness and healing. Light to medium pressure with long fluid strokes helps to release tension and increase the level of oxygen in the blood.
60 minutes $65//Monthly contract $55

Reiki is a gentle form of hands-on healing in which the hands are lightly held on or above the body. Benefits of Reiki include deep relaxation, and relief from pain, worry or stress. Reiki works with the body’s own subtle energy fields to provide increased vitality and provides a strong sense of balance and well being. Reiki can also be very effective for healing from illness or surgery. A Reiki session takes place on a massage table and is a done fully clothed.
60 minutes $65//Monthly contract $55

Jin Shin Jyutsu with Leda Swann
Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese healing practice that brings balance, relaxation, and rejuvenation by moving stagnant energy and transmuting old energetic patterns in the body. The Jin Shin practitioner lightly holds specific points on the body to release and activate blocked energy, enabling the body to refine, balance, and heal itself. Jin Shin is wonderfully relaxing and nurturing to receive, and brings one a greater sense of well-being and clarity. Jin Shin is particularly supportive in treating issues such as asthma, low immune function, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune disease, and symptoms associated with chemotherapy.
*please note: This treatment is offered off site

Thai Massge with Ashley Hixon
This form of bodywork incorporates assisted stretching with rhythmic pressure along energy or Sen lines to allow the recipient to enter into a relaxed and open state. Often called “lazy man’s yoga” the sessions are indeed just that – a slow and mostly passive practice that deeply connects breath and movement held in an intentional space of Metta (Pali) or “loving kindness”. The rhythm established has a powerful effect on the nervous system; inviting surrender that allows the body to pattern back into balance. It is a lovely blend of energy work and physical manipulation that effectively relieves muscular tension and improves range of motion, flexibility, circulation, lymphatic drainage, and overall mood by balancing the nervous system and boosting immune system function.
*please note: This treatment is offered off site

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