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Over 5 years ago, my good friend and yogini sister, Shakti, asked me if I would help to develop a spanish language component of her non-profit, Yoga Worldreach Seva School.  After much consideration, practice, and dialogue, we finally landed on a plan:  translate the 200 hour teacher training manual for Inner Power Yoga.  With the help of Tadasana Mountain Yoga studio owner, Diana Underhill, we launched Nederland’s first yoga teacher training with a year long program from October 2012-November 2013.

My original intent on taking the training was to become familiar enough with the material that I could begin translations.  In addition, I was able to bring in a bilingual student from Denver via a connection with the Latina-based non-profit, COLOR.  I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of study and practice that Shakti brought to her 200 hour, Yoga Alliance certified, teacher training.

Now I see that Inner Power Yoga’s teacher training program is a smart synthesis of Shakti’s undergraduate degree from Naropa’s Yoga Department as well as her Master’s in Psychology.  Today, she continues her studies looking to earn her PhD from Pacifica University in Mystical Studies.  Yoga Psychology~World Mythology is what she offers in addition to deep asana practice, anatomy familiarity, yoga for injury and trauma, as well as an incredible list of sacred texts and yoga books from trusted teachers and translators as “OmWork” assignments.

Whether you want to deepen your asana practice, enrich your knowledge of the history of yoga, or want to learn to teach, the Inner Power Yoga Teacher Training program is a wonderful course that will meet the needs of any intention you bring.  Offered here in our community at Tadasana Mountain Yoga, this 6 month study is intended to be readily accessible to any schedule and financial considerations.  We will meet the 3rd weekend of each month from April to September.  Payment plans are available.  For more information, go to our website at, Shakti’s website at, or visit us in the studio in the B&F shopping center in downtown Nederland.

Hope to see you in practice!  Justine Sanchez

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