LEARN WITH PLEASUREIt always feels like there are 2 “new years” in a given year. There is the calendar new year beginning January 1st and the start of a new school year in August. Even though I have not been in school for several years and Luna is too young, the first day of school always feels like the start of another new year. In January, I set my intentions around health and wellness but in August I become inspired to learn new things. This fall I am signed up for a parenting class (look for a mindful parenting yoga class soon) and a graphic design course. I am also excited about new classes on the studio schedule and our continued offerings with Inner Power Yoga.
Learning is life long…what will you dive into this fall?

Summer 2015 Yoga Challenge

We are taking the success of our winter yoga challenge and applying it to summer!
We know it is hard to keep a consistent practice in the summer time…between vacations, family weddings and gorgeous weather it can be challenging to come to yoga. And at 8200 ft, summer can be fleeting so we’ve got to soak in as much warm sun as possible! But we also know how beneficial a regular yoga practice is for maintaining flexibility, strength and peace of mind (and we know how many of you tell us you miss your yoga practice in the summer)! So we are here to make it easier, sweeten the deal and appeal to your inner goal keeper.

June 1 to September 1
There is no cost to sign-up for the challenge. Just chose which of our pricing options suits your challenge goals. For optimal savings we recommend auto-renewal at $75/month.

Unlimited yoga classes
Tadasana Mountain Yoga water bottle (it’s important to stay hydrated)
3 free guest passes (yoga is always more fun with a friend)
Free admission to our outdoor yoga classes (Scheduled once per month in June, July & August)

The Rewards:
20 classes: Save 10% off your next class punch card or monthly auto draft
30 classes: Save 10% off your next class punch card or monthly auto draft & be entered to win a 60 minute massage or reiki treatment (1 winner)
40 classes: Save 10% off your next class punch card or monthly auto draft & be entered to win a free month of unlimited yoga (1 winner)
50 classes: A free month of unlimited yoga & a 60 minute massage or reiki treatment

Sign-up the next time you are in the studio or send us an email.

As many of you have probably heard me mention, when I signed up for a yoga teacher training I had no intention of teaching yoga but after several years of off and on practicing of yoga, I wanted to learn more. Plus a friend gave me a great price and it was about 6 months before my wedding so I figured it would be a good way to stay in shape. I loved the training, more than I thought I would and it opened lots of doors (literally). I discovered that yoga is much greater than the physical practice and that the history and knowledge of yoga is so deep and multi-faceted. When it came time to offer a teacher training program at Tadasana, I wanted one that was truly grounded in that deep knowledge and also accepting of different approaches and disciplines of yoga. I am so grateful that we found Shakti Redding and Inner Power Yoga. As we begin our second training at Tadasana we have switched the format to offer four one week modules throughout the course of the year. These modules can be taken in any order and while they do add up to a 200hour teacher certificate they are also designed to be stand alone trainings. We recognized an interest among students to not only deepen their practice, but a desire as adults, to be able to study and learn about something that truly called to them. Additionally, we opened up some of the training lectures for drop-in attendance. This is a great opportunity to experience the training if your schedule or finances don’t allow participation in the full week long program. Please visit our website for more information and if you find yourself interested in our training, please join us.

4 Year Anniversary

Tadasana Mountain Yoga starts its 5th year of business this March–can you believe it?!? When the studio was still in the early planning phase, I made a 3-5 year business plan. Although I was optimistic that the studio would succeed past the 3 year mark, I was definitely a little nervous since it was a new business venture. Ok, I was terrified, perhaps even scared sh..less. However, not only are we entering the 5th year, the studio has grown into something beyond my wildest dreams. The community that has risen up around the studio is beautifully inspiring. The teachers that teach at Tadasana are absolutely incredible and their depth of knowledge and compassion is incomparable. But the greatest success is in you: the students; with the intentions you set, along with your dedication and openness to sharing your practice with your community both on and off the mat. It is a profound honor to maintain and share the studio with you and for that I am truly blessed.

With deep gratitude for your practice, Diana

March Meditation


Beat poet and longtime Zen practitioner Gary Snyder suspects that the practice of zazen may have been discovered by hunters during the paleolithic, or earlier, when survival was dependent upon being still and silent for long periods of time. These days we tend not to like being still and silent. We prefer perpetual motion, perpetual busy-ness, perpetual stimulation. The only problem with this is that the mind becomes equally busy, stirred up and clouded like a glass of muddy water. As a result, it’s easy to lose touch with the everyday miracle and mystery of being alive. Zazen is the equivalent of setting down a glass of churned up river water and letting the water’s inherent clarity slowly manifest. Zazen is not about stress reduction or health benefits. It’s about realizing that you and this world are exactly the same thing. —Hoag

Join us on Monday mornings from 6:30-7:30AM and on Wednesday afternoons from 5:30-6:30PM. Check the schedule for occasional cancelations. We occasionally offer half-day sits and introductory sessions.

Hanuman Festival 2015

HF_618x323_Jan2015New this year…You can now register for individual class at Hanuman Festival 2015! Sign up for powerful and transformational classes with Richard Freeman, Rod Stryker, Rodney Yee, Tias Little, Sofia Diaz, Anand Mehorta and many more! The 2015 schedule includes a variety of classes, accessible for the beginner or advanced yogi. Bonus: deepen your practice on Thursday in the featured immersions with Saul David Raye & Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Annie Carpenter, or Chelsea Roff. View the full schedule and buy your pass today for the summer’s most loved yoga festival in Boulder, Colorado. Space is limited, so don’t delay in registering!

Boulder, Colorado

June 11-14, 2015

Tickets: 3-day yoga pass $349; Thursday immersion $59/$108 for two


2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: A Deep Bow of Gratitude


rumiAs we near the end of the winter challenge, it has been amazing to hear from several of you the difference the challenge has made not just in your yoga practice but in your lives. Physical benefits have included; weight loss, injury recovery and height growth (someone measured herself at the start and end of her challenge and discovered she was half an inch taller)! Several of you have mentioned having more patience and forgiveness both with others and with yourselves.  However, what I have heard most consistently is an appreciation for our yoga community, the opportunity to come together  and share space in a way that is healthful and honoring of the intentions we set with our practice.  I have had students who did not participate in the challenge tell me how much they have enjoyed practicing in the studio these past two months as the dedication and the community feels so strong.  And for that, a deep bow of gratitude to each of you.

2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: Honor Yourself

good to yourself
Honor Where You Are: Contributed by Marni Siegal
As I work my way through the Yoga Challenge, I’ve had weeks where I end up needing to “catch up” to my goal. In those catch up weeks, I find that I bunch my classes together and then spend a couple days without practicing. Have you experienced the same? During those catch up times, you may have noticed that a posture which feels beneficial during one class, feels depleting by the third class of the day. Or perhaps you’ve found that it isn’t until your second class of the day that you feel open enough to “flip your dog.” So honor where you are in each particular practice. Take rests when your body calls for them, even if you’ve never before opted for child’s pose during a round of Downward Facing Dog. Back out of postures that compromise your ability to breathe fully. Challenge yourself when you feel up for it. When you honor where you are in any particular moment and work from there, you are doing good yoga.

2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: A Daily Practice

rumi daily practiceA Daily Practice

Contributed by Marni Siegal

Many years ago, before my daily schedule involved diapers and later making it to the school bus on time, I had a daily yoga practice.  These days, a 60 minute practice twice a week feels like a true gift.  Until I hit week two of this yoga challenge, I hadn’t realized how much I missed my daily practice. A daily practice allows us to carry the benefits and the work of one yoga practice into the next session.  Those benefits may show up as physical changes in the body, integrating a new insight into the mechanics of a particular posture or simply connecting more fluidly with the breath.  However it shows up for you, I hope that you are enjoying the gift of your daily practice during the yoga challenge.  May the benefits inspire you to continue a regular (dare I say “daily?”) practice once you’ve met your goal!

2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: Letting Go


In class the other day, Carly mentioned as part of her beginning dharma talk, that often the source of both our happiness and our misery can be the same thing and to notice for ourselves if that is rooted in the material world and if we wanted to let go of that. I realized how much that rang true for me…more that I would like to admit! As I was laying in savasana, I felt so much gratitude for the practice of yoga and was reminded that the true benefits of yoga are so much more than the 60 or 75 minutes that we spend in physical asana practice; it is the opportunity to notice and let go of what no longer serves.  Again and again and again.