4 Year Anniversary

Tadasana Mountain Yoga starts its 5th year of business this March–can you believe it?!? When the studio was still in the early planning phase, I made a 3-5 year business plan. Although I was optimistic that the studio would succeed past the 3 year mark, I was definitely a little nervous since it was a new business venture. Ok, I was terrified, perhaps even scared sh..less. However, not only are we entering the 5th year, the studio has grown into something beyond my wildest dreams. The community that has risen up around the studio is beautifully inspiring. The teachers that teach at Tadasana are absolutely incredible and their depth of knowledge and compassion is incomparable. But the greatest success is in you: the students; with the intentions you set, along with your dedication and openness to sharing your practice with your community both on and off the mat. It is a profound honor to maintain and share the studio with you and for that I am truly blessed.

With deep gratitude for your practice, Diana

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