2015 Winter Yoga Challenge Week One

Found on sweetandthrasher.tumblr.comCongratulations! Not only did you sign up for the challenge, you have completed the first week! You might be feeling elated and on track with your challenge having attended several classes last week or you might be a little discouraged as you really wanted to attend 4 classes last week but only made 2 or 1 or maybe not even one. Wherever you are on the spectrum…know that it is the perfect spot to be. While the challenge is about the number of classes that you attend, it really isn’t about that. It’s all about your practice and your relationship to your practice and as with most relationships in life, it is one that is constantly shifting and evloving.  The beautiful thing about Tadasana Mountain Yoga is that we are a community coming together to support our individual practices of yoga.  So, whatever you are feeling today…know that you are supported in your practice by your community.  We are so glad you are here.

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