2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: Honor Yourself

good to yourself
Honor Where You Are: Contributed by Marni Siegal
As I work my way through the Yoga Challenge, I’ve had weeks where I end up needing to “catch up” to my goal. In those catch up weeks, I find that I bunch my classes together and then spend a couple days without practicing. Have you experienced the same? During those catch up times, you may have noticed that a posture which feels beneficial during one class, feels depleting by the third class of the day. Or perhaps you’ve found that it isn’t until your second class of the day that you feel open enough to “flip your dog.” So honor where you are in each particular practice. Take rests when your body calls for them, even if you’ve never before opted for child’s pose during a round of Downward Facing Dog. Back out of postures that compromise your ability to breathe fully. Challenge yourself when you feel up for it. When you honor where you are in any particular moment and work from there, you are doing good yoga.

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