2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: Completion

yoga regretCongratulations to those of you that have already completed your 20 in 30 challenge!  I hope that you are feeling invigorated and inspired by your dedication and commitment to your yoga practice.  And if you would like to keep going for 40 in 60…woo hoo!

Many of you are in the home stretch this week! Sometimes the very end can be the most challenging and this is often when the temptation to quit is the strongest.  As humans, we are so good at rationaling why that is the better choice.  And sometimes it truly is;  if you are injured, or if you find yourself saying after yoga class, “I wish I had not come to yoga” then withdrawing from your yoga challenge is probably the right choice for you. Otherwise, continue to be kind to yourself, to take modifications as needed and know that you CAN complete your challenge! We are right here to support you and so grateful for your commitment to your practice.  It truly makes a difference.

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