2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: Be Kind to Yourself

challenge.opportunityThe upside to doing a yoga challenge is that you practice a lot of yoga.  And 20 classes in 30 days is a lot of yoga.  40 classes in 60 days is REALLY A LOT of yoga. Diving into your practice with such vigor is, well….challenging.  And sometimes the most challenging thing is knowing when to back off, to take modifications or to rest.  I know for myself I often push through yet another Chaturanga when perhaps my body, my shoulders would be better served by pushing back into downdog or childs pose instead.  As a teacher, I love seeing students take modifications when needed as is it a true sign of connecting in and allowing your practice to serve you.  Showing up on your mat everyday requires checking in with both the physical and the emotional body.  Asking yourself the question, “How can my practice best serve me today?” And allowing yourself to listen.

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