2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: A Deep Bow of Gratitude


rumiAs we near the end of the winter challenge, it has been amazing to hear from several of you the difference the challenge has made not just in your yoga practice but in your lives. Physical benefits have included; weight loss, injury recovery and height growth (someone measured herself at the start and end of her challenge and discovered she was half an inch taller)! Several of you have mentioned having more patience and forgiveness both with others and with yourselves.  However, what I have heard most consistently is an appreciation for our yoga community, the opportunity to come together  and share space in a way that is healthful and honoring of the intentions we set with our practice.  I have had students who did not participate in the challenge tell me how much they have enjoyed practicing in the studio these past two months as the dedication and the community feels so strong.  And for that, a deep bow of gratitude to each of you.

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