2015 Winter Yoga Challenge: A Daily Practice

rumi daily practiceA Daily Practice

Contributed by Marni Siegal

Many years ago, before my daily schedule involved diapers and later making it to the school bus on time, I had a daily yoga practice.  These days, a 60 minute practice twice a week feels like a true gift.  Until I hit week two of this yoga challenge, I hadn’t realized how much I missed my daily practice. A daily practice allows us to carry the benefits and the work of one yoga practice into the next session.  Those benefits may show up as physical changes in the body, integrating a new insight into the mechanics of a particular posture or simply connecting more fluidly with the breath.  However it shows up for you, I hope that you are enjoying the gift of your daily practice during the yoga challenge.  May the benefits inspire you to continue a regular (dare I say “daily?”) practice once you’ve met your goal!

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