As many of you have probably heard me mention, when I signed up for a yoga teacher training I had no intention of teaching yoga but after several years of off and on practicing of yoga, I wanted to learn more. Plus a friend gave me a great price and it was about 6 months before my wedding so I figured it would be a good way to stay in shape. I loved the training, more than I thought I would and it opened lots of doors (literally). I discovered that yoga is much greater than the physical practice and that the history and knowledge of yoga is so deep and multi-faceted. When it came time to offer a teacher training program at Tadasana, I wanted one that was truly grounded in that deep knowledge and also accepting of different approaches and disciplines of yoga. I am so grateful that we found Shakti Redding and Inner Power Yoga. As we begin our second training at Tadasana we have switched the format to offer four one week modules throughout the course of the year. These modules can be taken in any order and while they do add up to a 200hour teacher certificate they are also designed to be stand alone trainings. We recognized an interest among students to not only deepen their practice, but a desire as adults, to be able to study and learn about something that truly called to them. Additionally, we opened up some of the training lectures for drop-in attendance. This is a great opportunity to experience the training if your schedule or finances don’t allow participation in the full week long program. Please visit our website for more information and if you find yourself interested in our training, please join us.

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